TSW Heat Regulation Bamboo Top - Women

479,95 kr
This muscle tank top is extremely soft, incredibly comfortable to wear, and perfect for your workouts or for everyday wear when you want the best and softest material against your skin. It's your new perfect training t-shirt because its heat-regulating properties, characteristic of bamboo, work perfectly during workouts.

It features a loose fit high neck design and has a feminine cut at the back, which not only looks great but also makes it easier to perform back exercises without the top riding up into your neck.

Read more about the material and sizing in the product description below.

Product description


  • 96% Bamboo, 4% Elastane
  • Designed and developed in Denmark, produced in Europe.

Material features:

Bamboo fabric has many excellent properties; it is temperature-regulating, breathable, moisture-wicking, ultra-soft, and extremely stretchy. Additionally, bamboo is odor-resistant and antibacterial, so you don't need to wash your bamboo clothing as often as regular clothing. Feel free to skip a wash and hang the clothes to dry after your workout. Furthermore, bamboo is eco-friendly for our environment and has a natural high UV-protective property.

Size guide for TSW Heat Regulation Bamboo–Women's Tops:

When selecting a size for our TSW Heat Regulation Bamboo–Women's Tops, it's important to measure both the breast and the length accurately. If you prefer a tightfit, choose your regular size or a size smaller, and if you prefer a slightly looser fit, opt for a size larger. The bamboo material is extremely stretchy, so it adapts to the body and drapes nicely, even if you choose a size slightly larger than usual. The design features tight sleeves (botht-shirtand longsleeve) and a slightly looser fit around the body.

Here's how to measure yourself:

The breast measurement is the circumference around the chest,and the length is measured from the shoulder neckline down the front to indicate the length of the top. Here are the size specifications for our TSW Heat Regulation Bamboo–Women's Tops:

  • XS: Breast: 76 cm / Length: 58 cm
  • Small: Breast: 82 cm / Length: 60 cm
  • Medium: Breast: 88 cm / Length: 62 cm
  • Large: Breast: 94 cm / Length: 64cm
  • XL: Breast: 100 cm / Length: 66 cm

If you're unsure which size is best for you, feel free to send an email to info@tostisport.com for further guidance